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Join our team and become a Five14 Wakener, helping us shed light on how the people in our community can join with us to prevent human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Your prayers and donations are the start of a cultural revolution! We consider prayer to be a must, and invite you to participate in our quarterly prayer nights that meet Wednesday nights. Consider joining our provisions team by hosting a donation drive for our Storehouse. You can also choose to support us financially by donating through PayPal. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us.




Attend a training and then join the frontlines with our volunteer team. View our event calendar to find out when our next volunteer training is.


Advocacy is easier than you think! Simply share what you know about Five14 and our cause with the people you know, through social media or an awareness event. We are available to speak at conferences, business meetings, and church services.

Also, check out our events calendar and invite your friends!

You can request a speaker using the form below.

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