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“We must become the change we want to see in the world.” - Ghandi

Slavery must end.  But that ending begins with you.

In order to eradicate slavery, we all have to use our unique gifts, talents and voices to speak for those trapped in silence.  Whether you realize it or not, you were made to change the world and can use your influence and passion to spread awareness about human and sex trafficking to the people in your family, workplace, school and community.

The Five14 Team is working in many areas to affect real change and would love for you to be a part of what we’re doing.

How You Can Help

  • Prayer

    We believe prayer is the single most important weapon we have to use in this battle – it is available for everyone at anytime! Our prayer team meets once a month to pray specifically for our ministry. To join us click here.

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    Creating awareness can be easier than you think!  One simple way you can share what you’ve learned with the people in your sphere of influence is by requesting a member of the Five14 Team to speak to the groups you belong to. We are available to speak at churches, small groups, businesses, civic organizations, or any other venue that will allow us to share the realities of human trafficking and ways to be a part of the change.

    Another way you can create awareness is by attending and inviting others to one of our events.  We host events that are open to our community in an effort to educate them about human trafficking and empower them take action.

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    Five14 Revolution works with women relationally and financially to help them take the necessary steps to prevent or escape crisis. We have a number of ways that we assist these women personally, as well as a network of other local organizations that can provide services they are in need of.

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    Our ministry is entirely funded by individuals and organizations that believe in our vision to serve as an interruption to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Be a part of our story by donating financially or by donating goods to our Storehouse initiative. Click here to donate online or see the list of items needed for our Storehouse.

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